Online Exclusive

Richard Bossi Recognized for Contributions to ASNT

November 18, 2019

At Monday’s Annual Business Meeting, the ASNT Board of Directors recognized Richard H. Bossi, Ph.D., outgoing chair of the Handbook Development Committee and technical editor of Materials Evaluation, for his many years of service to ASNT and the nondestructive testing community.

Bossi is an internationally recognized expert with over 45 years of experience in NDT working on research in support of the nuclear, petrochemical, and aerospace industries. A member of ASNT since 1973, Bossi has been the author/co-author of numerous papers, publications, presentations, book chapters, and patents in the NDT field. He has been a contributor, reviewer, and technical editor for several volumes of ASNT’s Nondestructive Testing Handbook, including the newly published fourth edition of Vol. 3: Radiographic Testing, and he has served as the technical editor of Materials Evaluation since January 2012.

In addition to the Handbook Development Committee and the Materials Evaluation Committee, Bossi has been a member of the Penetrating Radiation Committee and the Aerospace Committee, and a member of the Research Council since 1977. Bossi was awarded the Mentoring Award in 2019 and the Research Recognition for Sustained Excellence in 2013. He became an ASNT Fellow in 1992 and was the Mehl Honor lecturer in 2017.

Dr. Richard Bossi is presented with a token of appreciation from Chairperson of the Board David Mandina at Monday's Annual Business Meeting.