ASNT Councils Busy Planning for Future

November 21, 2019

ASNT councils and committees have been busy working behind the scenes to help chart the future of the Society. Since Sunday, more than 70 committee, council, and working group meetings have taken place onsite in Las Vegas. 

ASNT is organized into five councils: Certification Management Council (CMC), Engineering Council (EC), Research Council (RC), Sections Operations Council (SOC), and Technical & Education Council (T&E). The bulk of ASNT committees are organized under the councils (the rest are standing Board committees and ad hoc committees). In T&E, Roger Engelbart was elected as the new chair and Robert Woodward as the vice chair. The Education Division reported that they will attempt to reinstate the High School Teachers Workshop at the 2020 Research Symposium. The Methods Division reported that the Petrochemical Committee carried and approved a motion to create a subcommittee for the Petrochemical Handbook. Regarding the fourth edition of the Nondestructive Testing Handbook, a subcommittee has been formed for the UT volume and an outline is in progress. In the ET Committee, Antionette (Toni) Bailey was elected chair and Henry Sadek as vice chair. 

In SOC, two committees were formed, one to review and provide oversight of the President’s Award program, and the other to work on the development of a procedure for the Section Leaders Conference and Regional Planning Meeting. SOC nominated Jocelyn Langlois as the incoming vice chair and David Mitchell as chair. The nominee for the 2021 Council Director is Ricky Morgan.

EC, ASNT’s newest council, held its second official meeting. Membership is 98, and Ahmed Hassan will serve as Council Director. One of EC’s main focuses is the development of criteria for the designation “NDT Engineer,” and the current draft definition was shared. The Industry Committee is working closely with NDT Engineer Education to collect profiles of NDE engineers from different industry sectors. EC also plans to develop a Code of Ethics for NDE engineers. EC would like to note that while their objectives are well formed, the deliberations along the path to achieving the objectives are still in progress and nothing has been finalized.

RC held three meetings. RC officers and committee chairs met with Dr. Reza Zoughi to discuss opportunities between QNDE and Research Symposium. A follow-up meeting will be held in January.   At the dinner meeting, Dr. Gary Georgeson gave a presentation titled “Next Generation Nondestructive Evaluation.” The 2020 Nondestructive Evaluation of Aerospace Materials and Structures conference is scheduled for St. Louis, Missouri. The location of the 2021 Symposium was confirmed for Westminster, Colorado.

The following work was performed by CMC during the conference: exam development and databank maintenance; ACCP practical examination items; procedural review, edits, and rewrites; work on the ACCP application process; and additional work in the AEC Subcommittee, the Rules of Conduct (ROC) Subcommittee, and the IRRSP Committee. Joseph Mackin was elected chair and David Bajula was elected vice chair.